To What Extent Did the Thirteenth Amendment Help End Slavery?

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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History “To what extent did the Thirteenth Amendment end slavery?”

The Thirteenth Amendment was passed on April 8, 1864. It is the article that formally abolished slavery in America. There are many reasons why the Thirteenth Amendment was passed, the most important of which is that other large nations were no longer involved in the Atlantic Slaves trade and America wanted to be well seen by these countries. Though the Thirteenth Amendment had a number of short term and long term Though there is some truth in suggesting that slavery towards the black community was made illegal, it seems that slavery is now underground and picks on a variety of vulnerable communities around the world.

A notable factor contributing to the fall of slavery is the American economy during the times of the Civil War. The economy relied heavily on slavery as it was the main source of production in the US, bringing the highest amount of income. The labour was free, therefor the profit made was immense. This changed when the North started using machinery instead of human labour, thus making the North and the South uneven when it comes to labor work. This arrival made that slavery was no longer needed to gain income and the North became powerful and took control. This leaded to the Civil War plus the writing and the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment.

One important factor caused by the Thirteenth Amendment being passed is that the blacks were no longer targeted and taken away form their homes in Africa. The passing of it completely ended the Slave trade. Africans were no longer being imported from Africa and forced to work endless hours on end. Evidence to support this suggestion is when looking at the number of slaves imported over the years, in 1801-1810 there were 124,000 imported slaves whereas from 1810 onwards there were only 51,00. This explicitly shows that the Atlantic Slave trading decreased in the times when the Thirteenth Amendment was passed in the 1850-60’s. This...
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