To What Extent Can Logic, Math or Music Be Classified as a Language? Tok

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Logic, Sign language Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 31, 2013
To what extent can logic, math or music be classified as a language?

“Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.” Declares the Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher Galileo Galilei, when we think in modern sense language is a system of linguistic signs or symbols. In other words it’s the basis of communication. Some people communicate using sign language while others rely on gestures and facial expressions. Mathematics and music may also be used to communicate to some extent. On the other hand logic is only instrumental and it does not house any intention of communication.

Mathematics is the systematic arrangement of numbers. These numbers could sometimes be used as a form of secretive code used for communication. Such codes are often used by agencies such as the NSA in exchanging valuable information. Many teenagers also use an alternative alphabet composed mostly of numbers and symbols, leetspeak (or 1337 ).

Although mathematics may be used as a language itself could be able to achieve true meaning while using such means of communication? Is it possible to use this nonverbal communication to express our feelings? We must be blind to truly understand the role of face to face communication in our lives. It would be impossible for you to use irony, connotation and metaphors. For example, if in our secret mathematical code 1446+ meant go away would there be any way to be sure if you said this in a friendly manner or not. This also makes everything vague and unclear. Raw information is put in front of you, you cannot have your own ideas you must accept what is given to you with no objection

Music is an essential to most humans, it is a way of coping with life, and it sometimes may even be used to change the mood of the listener. Your mood shapes the music that you listen to. You would not listen to hard rock or metal after a recent breakup instead you will listen to romantic songs. You will also notice...
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