To Understand the Impact of Change (Chronosystem) on Microsystems

Topics: Religion, Change, School Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: September 18, 2012
To understand the impact of change (chronosystem) on Microsystems: Pick one change for each Microsystem and discuss.
·Why you think it changed
I am a child from Divorce. A child from divorce can lead to a child of abuse. I believe my Microsystems changed in many ways. One way it changed is by certain family members who where no longer in my life. My Mesosystem changed because those people who were not there took away my learning of Jesus. My Exosystem also was changed because of the neighborhood we lived in. Ultimately, my Chronosystem was changed because of the people who where influencing me thru my life. I was influenced by their morals and beliefs. ·How it affected you.

The divorce affected my beliefs in what was acceptable and what was not acceptable by society. It affected my life as in where I would attend school and it affected how I would participate in school. It also affected the influences that would be portraying to me because of the different type of people who were then in my life. ·What impact, if any, it had on the other Microsystems (mesosystem). The divorce had a great impact on all the systems in, my life anyways. Once the divorce happened I no longer seen my Dad or his family. They would have raised me as a Christian. My stepdad was a biker and encouraged me to curse and he was proud to not abide by the laws. I suffered abuse from him which in turn affected my sleep at night which affected my schooling. His abuse affected my ability to trust and caused me to be extremely shy in school. This affected my participation in class. Studying Child Development has helped me recognize the reasons for my down falls thru life and took away a lot of quilt on my part. I realize now that I was a difficult child because of my environment, people, abuse, beliefs, and illiteracy in my life. That if few things were different I could have accomplished much more in life and been admired by society.
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