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Topics: English-language films, Family, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: March 19, 2013
One day in the morning, I woke up and looked around my house to find my parents, and ask them what are for breakfast. I couldn't find them; I thought they were still sleeping in their bedroom, then I go into the kitchen to find something to eat. Then I saw on the table there was a note and food for my breakfast; I read the note from my mom, and it said I have to stay home alone for two days with 300 dollars in cash, because they have to go to my aunt house to help her with the wedding party. I was so surprised because it is my first time to stay at home alone by myself.  Eating my breakfast, and thinking I'll be fine, that's okay it just only two days, and I can handle all the work I have to do as my mom does. After finished with my breakfast I have to wash the dishes then go to the market to buy food. I went to the market and I was don't know what to buy or eat for dinner; so I just go around the market and I bought some noodles to make Vietnamese's noodles. I get into my house and to the kitchen to cook dinner. The true is I don't really know how to make it, I want to ask my mom but I don't have a SIM card in my phone because it was broke. I was trying to go on the Google to search the noodles that I want to cook. In 3o minutes I was looking for it, and lucky I am saw a video that can teach me how to cook it step by step. This also my first time to cook dinner by myself, so I want it to be look attractive and taste good, because of that I have to watching the video more carefully and remember all the steps. After watching the video, I trying to cook the noodles and preparing everything I needed to make the noodles. When I making the noodles, I always remembered about what my mom said when I watching she making meals, she said "When we cooking or making food, we have to think all about love and beautiful things, so our food can be more delicious." So I always thinking about beautiful things that in my mind and with all my heart into the noodles that I am tried...
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