To Shave or Not to Shave, That Is the Question!

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Marissa Chirillo
Pr. Kristin Haase
Human Sexuality
21 April 2008
To Shave or Not to Shave, That is the Question!

The topic of genital hair removal has become quite popular over the last decade, not only for women but also for men. In addition to hair removal starting to be accepted by both sexes, it’s starting to become very popular for all ranges of ages. There are many different ways to remove your pubic hair from simple and cheap shaving with a razor all the way to complex and expensive laser treatments.

Generally, in our society, the typical expectations of hair removal are that women shave their legs and underarms. Expectations for men are most commonly only removal of hair on their face if they prefer. There are always exceptions to every rule and there are women who remove all body hair or choose not to shave their legs as an act of defiance. If a man decides not to shave their face and grows his beard out almost as long as a woman’s hair would be deemed by society an outcast. The acceptance of pubic hair removal has become a more widely socially acceptable attitude in our culture. In the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, both women and men are depicted in artwork with zero pubic and body hair. (Trager 117-23) Today, in Islamic countries, it is a religious practice to remove pubic hair. Artwork before the 20th century all depicted women without pubic hair. La Maja Desnuda, painted by Francisco Goya is one of the earliest documented paintings of a woman with pubic hair. Wikipedia states, “In art paintings or carvings from ancient times, one can often see women portrayed with no pubic hair: pubic hair was linked to sexual acts and desires in the general mindset, and thus it was deemed improper and impure in a public painting. This may have influenced aesthetic views regarding the matter as well.” (“Hair Removal”) Since around the 1960s, shaving and trimming pubic hair has become a norm because of swimsuit styles. Since the 1960s, bathing suit bottoms for women are starting to become smaller and smaller and revealing more and more skin. There are a lot of different attitudes toward the removal of pubic hair. Some might prefer to have it removed for aesthetic reasons. It creates a neater and cleaner look and provides a more pleasant feel when performing oral sex without the thought of getting hair in your mouth. For men, some prefer to remove their pubic hair as it may make them appear bigger. Especially with the rapidly growing trends of genital piercing and tattoos and pants for women being made with lower rises, attention is being focused more on grooming one’s genitals.

There are many different styles of hair removal. Trimming basically implies that the hair length is trimmed mostly from the bikini area from the inguinal area and medial thighs or the entire pubic area. Another style is complete removal of all pubic hair which is called the Brazilian. Another style is the “landing strip” in which all of the hair is removed except for on top and most often is left in the form of a strip or a triangle. However, not all people like to leave their hair in just these two styles. On, there is a list of at least 25 different shapes and styles that are popular for women to design in her pubic hair. Styles can range from simple geometric shapes like a triangle all the way to happy faces. A style that also seems to be popular for women in relationship is designing their partner’s initials into their pubic hair. Do-it-yourself shaving kits even come complete with stencils. A fourth style for pubic hair is dying the hair. Although hair dye is not specifically made for pubic hair, it is a little riskier to dye pubic hair due to the chemicals used hair dye.

Methods to removing pubic hair are becoming quite numerous, but the method that a person chooses is definitely a personal choice. The cheapest and most popular method of removing not only leg, face and...
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