To Kill a Mockingbird

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, White people Pages: 20 (4597 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Hailey Spears

Period 12

Southern Ways/Small Town Life

|Chapter # |Page # |Text Excerpt & Related Significance | |1 |3-4 |“Being Southerners, it was a source of shame to some members of the family that we had no recorded | | | |ancestors on either side of the Battle of Hastings.” | | | |having a strong family background was important | |3 |24 |“Hush your mouth! Don’t matter who they are, anybody sets foot in this houses yo’ compn’y, and don’t you | | | |let me catch you remarkin’ on their ways like you was so high and mighty!” | | | |illiterate way of speaking from Calpurnia | | | |Scout was being rude to Walter | |3 |27 |“They come first day every year and then leave. The truant lady gets ‘em here the first day.” | | | |The Ewell’s don’t have parents and never come to school | |3 |30 |“We could not expect her to learn all Maycomb’s ways in one day, and we could not hold her responsible when| | | |she knew no better.” | | | |Miss Caroline was from Alabama | |9 |83 |“If Uncle Atticus lets you run around with stray dogs, that’s his own business, like Grandma says, so it | | | |aint your fault. I guess it aint your fault if Uncle Atticus is a nigger-lover besides, but im here to tell| | | |you it certainly does mortify the rest of the family.” | | | |Liking blacks was looked upon as embarrassing for the rest of the family. | |13 |127 |“For a while in Maycomb meant anything from three days to thirty years.” | | | |Maycomb ways | |13 |133 |“Gentle breeding, he continued, when I had found and scratched it, and that you should try to live up to | | | |your name-“ | | | |The Finch’s had a name for them in Maycomb of being of high status | |15 |149 |“In Maycomb, if one went for a walk with no definite purpose in mind, it was correct to believe ones mind | | | |incapable of definite purpose.” | | | |Maycomb ways | | | | |

Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

|Chapter # |Page # |Text Excerpt & Related Significance...
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