To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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I have lived under my mom and dad’s roof all of my life and I have come to conclusion that it is hard to be a parent at times. I imagine a lot of thinking comes into play, I’m sure my parents think everyday if they are doing things right. My parents are not people who would be described as the “perfect” parents; they have their flaws of being parents of two children. Everything they say or do makes me think about how I want to be when I have my own family one day. As a little girl I dreamed of having the perfect parents. In To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee does a wonderful job of showing us the picture of a perfect parent. Atticus Finch would be described as a great person and great father for his children Scout and Jem, because Atticus’s wife died when Scout was two years old he is the one who is always there for them. In all the books I have read, I have never read one about such a well-rounded character. Atticus is respected by everyone in the town of Maycomb, including the poor. He does things to show the town that he is very important. In times of trouble, he is the one that everyone turns to. Atticus sees the best in people. Atticus wants an effective education for his children. Scout goes to school and faces many teachers who are not understanding and very hypocritical. Miss. Caroline’s commitment to the educational techniques is what she learned in college which makes her ineffective to teach young kids. When Scout tells her father about what her days at school were like, he tried to explain her teacher’s side of things before coming up with a compromise to make Scout happier. Atticus always put his self in her or Jem’s shoes. He was willing to view things from the perspectives of others. Not only is Atticus a great person, but he is a great parent. Atticus Finch sets the bar for all parents. Jem and Scout are just like any two young children, they find it strange that their dad is older than most dads and their dad doesn’t hunt nor fish. Once Atticus...
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