To Kill a Mockbird

Topics: African American, Black people, Persecution Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: March 5, 2013
mrs dubose screams racist slurs at anyone who will listen but she cant cope without Jessie - her black housekeeper also bob Ewell sees black people as the scourge of society even tho he lives off handouts and poached food

also miss gates - scouts teacher - says 'we are a DEMOCRACY' to the kids and she tells them how awful Germany and Hitler are for persecuting Jews even tho America is foing same thing to black people in slightly different

The most obvious one is that an innocent man, Tom Robinson, is convicted of beating and raping Mayella Ewell when it is blatantly obvious that he did no such thing.

Another example is Scout's third grade teacher, Mrs. Gates, who tells her class about all the evil things Hitler is doing to the Jews in Germany; however, Scout observes how she overheard Mrs. Gates talking about how happy she was Tom was convicted and that the black folks in the community needed to be kept in their place.

Another example is when Scout is sitting down with Aunt Alexandra and her circle of friends. Mrs. Merriweather refers to the northerners as "hypocrites" for setting their blacks free but refusing to congregate with them or treat them as equals. She states that down south they have a reasonable way of life - the whites are free to go about their way of life and the blacks are free to go about their way of life. But what Mrs. Merriweather isn't able to see is that the blacks down south cannot go about their own way of life because of all of the Jim Crow laws and discrimination practiced there.

A final example is seen in how Aunt Alexandra believes the Finch's family is above most others in Maycomb. Yet, that is not true, for Atticus explains to Scout that their family history is as tainted by racism and insanity and inbreeding as any other family in Maycomb.

In the historical account about Simon Finch in chap. 1, Simon Finch is persecuted because he is a Methodist. However, then he goes and purchases slaves. Simon also buys slaves...
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