To Herp, or to Derp?

Topics: Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein, Science Pages: 4 (1370 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Dr. Frankenstein, a Man too Weak for Genius

Matt Boileau
Due: December 5th, 2012
English 100
Dr. Frankenstein, a Man too Weak for Genius

Victor Frankenstein, a man who after only a couple of years of study managed to crack a mystery none before him had succeeded at doing, providing life to dead tissue. Not only did this allow for dead body parts to be given life, Frankenstein was able to imbue both life and consciousness to a golem of his creation. This is a discovery that even in the 21st century would be a breakthrough, in the 19th it was simply magic. However this miraculous experiment resulted in unprecedented disaster for Frankenstein, much of which could have been avoided had it been handled by a man with the scientific foresight to prepare for the long term repercussions of giving life to an extremely hideous creature of your manufacture. Frankenstein’s first interest in science was gripped by old philosophy readings of Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelus, and Albertus Magnus (Frankenstein, p.67-68). These authors were quick to be shot down as worthless readings by both Victor’s father during his youth (Frankenstein, p.68), and professor when he travelled to study at Ingolstadt (Frankenstein, p.74). However Frankenstein admits himself he was hesitant to forget about the literature which initially captured his scientific imagination and the fact that these fanciful readings created the base of his scientific desires is very telling. A scientific base that was not built upon true scientific method led Frankenstein to perform an experiment in the manner one of his original heroes might, and eschew the foresight and care associated with properly conducting science.

Frankenstein was an extremely superficial and judgemental man, this resulted in him instantly dismissing many people as worthless, such as his professor M. Krempe (Frankenstein, P.75). The university at Ingolstadt is where all of Frankenstein’s contact with fellow science professionals was...
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