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About titus, inc

TITUS, INC. began in 2001; our roots go back to Titus Welding Company established in 1919, a company still operating in the Midwest focused on welding, fabrication and installations. Our desire to connect with Titus Welding Company, along with our interest and experience in recycling, created the foundation for our company and we have adopted the “Mr. Titus” logo featured on the back of this brochure. We have a group of highly experienced fabricators, installers and welders with years of maintenance, installation and fabrication experience in recycling. Titus is an industry expert in material handling equipment, MRF design/ build, MRF processing, Paper/Container Separation, and MRF parts and service. TITUS believes in developing a skilled fabrication, maintenance and installation team from new hire to project manager. New hires are evaluated and skill certified upon joining TITUS. TITUS has created a “pay for skills process” that provides each employee key knowledge to meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Over the past eleven years, TITUS has logged over 350,000 man-hours with three lost time accidents. We have installed complete single stream systems, MSW, C&D MRFs, and balers, conveyors, trommels, optical sorting and fiber-container, fiber-glass cleaning systems. References available upon request.



Work Compensation #WCJ-291-457582
General liability $ 2,000,000
California CL #: 872945 A
Oregon CL #: 189673

Time is of the essence to improve your container line! Call us today and visit a Titus Paper Container Recovery System Installed in California!

Titus is your MRF Mechanic and your systems integrator

1430 Willow Pass Road, Suite 250
Concord, CA 94520
Phone (925) 686-1635
Fax (925) 686-2648



Services to optimize facility assets

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