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  • Published: April 21, 2013
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E r J. Biochem. 40,177-185 (1973) u.

Intracellular Titration of Cyclic AMP Bound to Receptor Proteins and Correlation with Cyclic-AMP Levels in the Surviving Rat Diaphragm Lien DO KHAC,Simone HARBON Hubert J. CLAUSER and
lnstitut de Biochimie, Universit6 de Paris-Sud, Orsay (Received April 9/July 17, 1973)

Extracts prepared from rat diaphragms incubated with or without theophylline and/or epinephrine have been tested for their total cyclic AMP content and for their ability to bind exogenously added cyclic ["]AMP. Less cyclic [3H]AMP can be bound inthe extracts after theophylline and/or epinephrine treatment indicating that the rise in cyclic AMP level was accompanied by a n increase in the quantity of cyclic AMP bound intracellularly to the cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinases. Maximum cyclic AMP binding capacities, as measured by total cyclic AMP exchanges, were however identical in all cases. Accurate estimations of intracellular binding of cyclic AMP have been correlated with the level of cyclic AMP in the tissue : the reaction seems to obey simple saturation kinetics, a n apparent intracellular K d for cyclic AMP has been evaluated as 330 nM. The findings are consistent either with a real difference in the intracellular binding constant as compared to that measured in vitro (28 nM) or with the fact that the cyclic nucleotide in the cell may not all be available for the kinase protein receptors. They also suggest that the method described may prove useful for studying any possible intracellular control beyond the step of cyclic AMP synthesis.

Regulation of cellular metabolism by adenosine 3' :5'-monophosphate (cyclic AMP) [I], its mediation through complex protein kinases [2,3] and the mechanism of the activation of these enzymes [4--61 have been well documented within the past years in the eukaryotic cell. Activation has been demonstrated to occur according to Equation (1) through a n interaction of cyclic AMP with the regulatory subunit (R) of the...
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