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Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Egalitarianism Pages: 6 (2121 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Title IX
Women lacked choices of playing sports before Title IX. Females in the American society before Title IX lived completely different lives then they do today. They could not play on everyday school teams, or participate in sports, like soccer, basketball, or even cross country. Women were stuck with smaller sports such as tennis or more typical feminine choices, which inhibited any interaction with female athletics and school. Title IX gave them that, granted women the freedom of choice, and revolutionized women’s rights. While Title IX provided American women with the opportunities they have today, it also needs some adjusting to stimulate its equality among both genders.

Title IX laid the future foundations for women’s athletics in American history. Women needed a push to allow them to have the equal treatment they deserve under the constitution. Title IX states, “The Purpose of Title IX is to make discrimination based on gender in education and athletics unlawful. It does not prevent schools from abandoning the educational mission of athletics, and cannot stop schools from deciding to drop a men’s team or, indeed, its entire athletic department” (Hogshead-Makar 64-66). This created the opportunity called choice, and started a fight for equal opportunities in every area of athletics and education. At first the idea of equal rights was rejected among much of society, so the government stepped in to help enforce the rules. The government punished schools by not offering them as much scholarship money if they didn’t comply. As decreed, “Prohibition against discrimination; No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, any activity receiving federal financial assistance” (Title IX, Education Amendments 2). Every college from then on was paid a federal bonus for balancing out their athletic teams. Title IX influenced female athletics in many ways, but it also handled anything to do with the balance of equality for women in schools. Title IX viewed education highly on the list of equality. Furthermore, “Title IX itself says nothing about athletics. It simply prohibits discrimination based on sex in federally funded education programs” (Torr 1). Anything that could be viewed as unfair to women’s rights in schools was effected in the course of Title IX. With its many ideas put into play, Title IX helped create opportunities for American women.

Title IX created a new standard for women that had not been seen in America before. The colleges overlooked female based sports to find better male athletes. As noted: “Before Title IX only a handful of women got scholarships. Much less is spent on women’s operating expenses” (Nauen 3). Everyone noticed male athletes, while the female athletes played under a less supported spotlight. Women played sports in college, if they wanted to, but their incentives were not up to par. The idea of playing for nothing destroyed many hopes for women athletes. Therefore, “Girls and women had been playing organized sports in the United States for nearly a century, but their participation had always been controversial” (Bluementhal 53). Without the addition of money or scholarships female athletics did not stand up against that of the male gender. Athletics withheld a negative effect towards women, in more ways than one, but a finer point would be the lacking facilities. The idea of lacking equipment encouraged other ideas of women’s working too. The problem from The lack of teams, facilities and encouragement went hand in hand with narrower opportunities in other areas; women became teachers and nurses, not principals and doctors. Without coaches or practice times and subject to being teased or hassled when they tried or even wanted to play sports, is it any wonder that so many girls did not see themselves as strong, vigorous, talented, capable beings? (Nauen 1). People overlook how much facilities and equipment can...
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