Timeline 4

Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, Vietnam War Pages: 15 (2425 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Elise Burns
Timeline Part IV

NOTE: Before starting the Timeline project please refer to the "Example Timeline Matrix" document in the Additional Resources folder in Canyon Connect.

Instructions: Complete the matrix by providing the Time Period/Date(s) in column B, and the Description and Significance of the People/Event(s) to American History in column C. (See complete instructions in the Syllabus for the Module 7 assignment entitled, “Timeline Part IV.” NOTE: The timeline project does not need to be submitted to turnitin.

NOTE: Please write your answers in a clear and concise manner. Limit your submission of the Timeline Part IV up to 250 words per topic/subtopic. For example, if a topic is divided into 3 subtopics, you may write a maximum of 250 per subtopic listed. Be sure to cite all sources.

|Major Event/Theme in American History |Time Period/Date(s) |Description and Significance of the | | | |People/Event(s) to American History | |The causes of the Cold War and its effects on |1947 |Acheson warned that America needed to fight | |the politico-economic and cultural milieus of |1950-1953 |against communist gambles and we were the only | |the U.S.; include: |1952-1956 |ones in the position to take that role. | |The Truman doctrine |1960-1963 |Considering the Communist Stalin was planning on | |The Korean War |1963-1965 |invading more countries and taking away their | |Eisenhower and the 1950s | |freedom.(God given freedoms.) The senator | |JFK and the Cuban missile crisis and the JFK | |Vandenberg was greatly impressed and backed Truman| |Assassination | |up in going to war. Truman was approved for 400 | |Johnson and the Great Society | |million for military purposes and was granted the | | | |okay to help with Greece and Turkeys’ economies. | | | |The Truman doctrine marked an informal declaration| | | |of war against the Soviet Union. The statement in | | | |the doctrine that states America would fight | | | |against Soviet expansion any where kept them in | | | |the war. Truman used Greece’s crisis to real | | | |congress and the house in backing him in the war. | | | |Many Americans heard about what was going on and | | | |agreed that all people no matter where should be | | | |able to have freedom. It also made American | | | |Congress want to extend their economic...
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