Time Machnie Essay

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Time Machine SR essay

The novel “the time machine” by H.G Wells the main character, the time traveler, travels far into the future to discover a completely different society. When he travels into the future nothing is how it’s expected. H.g. Wells uses his story to criticize society and how technology ultimately corrupts it.

H.G Wells uses his picture of the future to reveal his view on the advancement of technology. An example of this would be the physical and mental attributes of the native life in the future, the Eliot. The Eloi are physically weaker and physically inferior. I believe it was symbolism to critics the future of humanity if it continues to allow machines to do all the work for us.

One other way he sowed failure in humanity was thought the morlocks, a race of Eloi trapped beneath the earth originally put there to do work on the machines that powered the city. It symbolizes the hierarchy that comes with technological advancement. The rich or more fortunate will have a higher place in society than those who are less fortunate. The hierarchy continues to the Wight sphinx who is worshiped as a god by the Eloi. Wells continues his criticism by using symbolism.

H.G. Wells uses symbolism thought the novel to subtlety criticize technology. He uses fire to represent technology to amuse the people who live above ground and as a weapon against the morlocks who live under ground. I think it portrays how technology like fire can be abused. Technology can be used to better the world with inventions such as the internet or used to destroy it such as the atomic bomb. He also uses symbolism like the green porcelain palace witch is used to be a museum. I think it represent renewal most of the things were left untouched as a ruin in the future.

In the story “the time machine” technological advancement is seen as a bad thing, bringing society to an emotionless, almost robotic lifestyle. Society is portrait as a hierarchal universe were no...
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