Time Dilation

Topics: General relativity, Special relativity, Time Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: September 27, 2008
Time Dilation: The Spark of Time Travel

Time, as most people know, is constant and never changing. In this case, most people believe that travelling through time is not attainable. However, in some views, principles and theories it was shown that it is indeed possible for time to be slower than its usual rate or the other way around; thus, it gave way to the possibility that time travel may be conceivable. Therefore, in this paper the researchers intended to know the factors that affect the rate in the change of time in a specific frame relative to the observer and to show the possibility of time travel.

Time dilation may occur and is caused by the different velocities of the moving objects. For example, in the series the 4400, the main characters from different periods of time were gathered by aliens and were brought in space. After they were returned, they realized that time on Earth was different from the time where they were brought. Some of the relatives they left behind were already old or had already passed away, but these main characters remained the same age as the time they were abducted. It goes to show that the time in space was definitely slower than here on Earth.

According to Einstein’s view, time is not constant it is relative and elastic. In some cases time can slow down or dilated because of gravity. In his General Relativity Theory it was stated that clocks in gravitational fields run slower compared to clocks not in a gravitational field and that the stronger the gravitational field the slower the clock runs. Some scientists have tested this slowdown factor of time. One of which was an experiment conducted by Harvard University to see if time acted differently at different heights. At the end of the experiment, they found out that the time at the top of a building was moving slightly faster than on the ground. Another view of Einstein that could show gravitational time dilation is in his Principle of Equivalence. It is expressed in...
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