Time by Allen Curnow - What Impact Does It Make on You?

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Universe Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: February 2, 2011
Time by Allen Curnow is a truly inspiring poem and it, lucratively, has a number of remarkable impacts on me. To begin with, the poem tells us that time is made up of little things such as “rust on railway lines” and “the magpie’s screech”. To me, the little things are like pieces of gold mixed in with sand. Unless we look closely, we don’t even notice the gold in its infinite worth. I feel that this poem is telling us to slow down and look at the sand so that we can learn to spot and value the gold. Allen Curnow has always attempted the impossible: to define the private and unanswerable things in life like time. In our busy work-a-day lives, we don’t really ponder the deep mysteries of the universe. We admit defeat and are satisfied with leaving things as they are instead of getting to the bottom of them. But now because of this poem, I know that I don’t have to conform to society and I can try to figure out and maybe one day succeed in deciphering a few mysteries the world has to offer. I believe that the poem wouldn’t have made such a big impact if it hadn’t been for the skilful way the poet had written it. The whole poem is strung together with so much care going into the choice and placement of words that it is impossible not to see the immense beauty in it. The use of rhyme and alliteration throughout the poem is absolutely perfect. Poets like Allen Curnow inspire me to strive to excel at writing and change my skills for the better. This poem has a profound impression on me. It is exquisite and influential and personally, it brings out the best in me.
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