Tiger Mum Argument

Topics: Jews, Character, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: February 11, 2013
What makes a Great Novel rather than a Good Read?

A Great Novel and a Good read can be completely different or even the same depending on the person. People are different, and therefore will have their own opinions, meaning people will consider one book in many different ways. A book such as ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’ by Frank Boyne, is a prime example of a book that can both be considered a great novel or a good read. What makes a good novel or a good read you ask, well that is down to the reader? Great novels push the bounds of thought and develop ideas that the reader can discuss. The people who enjoy books like these are people who take pleasure in being stretched philosophically and culturally. Although not everyone a difficult read, they can be interesting and enjoyable for some. Good books can be considered for the less intellectual mind but in reality they are just as knowledgeable as any other book. In this piece we will be discussing what makes a Great Novel rather than a Good Read. We will explore different parts of a book such as the characterization or the time and place setting.

In a great novel the setting plays a big part in making it what it is. A great novel will have a setting that contains a realistic background and will be generally set in the past. Where as in a good read the setting can be anything from a distant planet in the near future to the life in a futuristic city. These setting will reflect the writing that will take place in the book. The setting in ‘The Boy I Stripped Pjs’ is of a concentration camp where a young German boy becomes friends with a Jewish boy. This setting is, as in most great novels, set in the past during WW2 when England and Germany were at each other’s throats. These dark times that the book is set in, helps the book to become almost dark itself. This darkness draws the reader into the story making them see the pain, suffering and hardship the time period has to offer. This involvement in the...
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