Tiger Mum

Topics: Parent, Mother, Family Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: March 26, 2013
In recent year, a book “Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mom” written by Amy Chu have arouse public attention. It evoked general public’s vivid discussion about choose the Chinese or Western parenting way. Tiger Mom is denote to the aggressive moms, albeit originally it referred to Chinese mothers, since those parents succeed in raising extraordinary academic achievers' children. Tiger mum boost her offspring to be the best. She put all the effort to her son or daughter. Taking Amy Chu as an example, she is a typically “tiger mum”. She has two daughters who both are outstanding at academic and instruments. Chu (2011) claim that the main reason of her daughters having various achievements as she choosing Chinese parenting ways to raise her offspring. However, Chinese parenting way also exist several drawbacks. A Tiger mum does not equal a better future of child

Firstly, the most obvious disadvantage is damaging the child’s self-esteem. In Chinese parenting, parent tends to employ punishment than admiring. For instance, when the children got B at examination, Western family will give the child a lot of encourage and tolerance .On the other hand, Chinese family will penalize her sons or daughters, as they think the child must not work hard enough. Those parents may shame their child or call them useless or garbage (Chua, 2011). It would directly affect children psychological growth. If children always take punishment without praise or appreciation, they would have low self-esteem. They will not have motivation to improve because their parent have ridiculously high standard. Whenever they do a great job, they also think that is their responsibility. “The more conflict and less cohesion in a teen's family, the more likely they were to have poor mental health.” (Pappas, 2012, Para 5). Finally, the children not only do not have high achievement but also low self-identification.

Secondly, another shortcoming of tiger mum’s parenting way is restricting the teenager own...
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