Ti- Jean and His Brothers

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  • Published : March 16, 2012
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Lauren Williams
English Language 119
“Ti-Jean and His Brothers”
Questions 9 and 10

9). Discuss the different advice the Mother gives to each of her sons. The different advice the Mother gave to each of her sons were as follows: to Gros jean was to “Praise God, ask for directions from the bird and the insects, to imitate them. She told him to be careful of the devil traps, to beware of the wise man called Father of the forest. Also, she told him that the devil can appear in many features, he should have patience, along with strength and that there is always something greater than him if not man or animal, its God or demons.” To Mi jean she told him that no one could know what the devil wears. To Ti jean she did not really gave him advice, but because he was sincere to the creatures, they gave him advice. Therefore, Mother only warned one of her sons in the story. 10). What is the attitude of Gros jean and Mi-Jean to the creatures? How does their attitude differ from Ti- Jean’s? What consequences does each of the brothers suffer or enjoy as a result of his treatment of the creatures? The attitudes of Gros jean and Mi-Jean to the creatures were cruel. Gros Jean tried to kick the frog he was disgust by them saying, “How could God make such creatures”. Mi- Jean insulted the creatures. Their attitudes differ from Ti-Jean’s because Ti jean acknowledges them as though they were human. He even complimented their beauty. In return, they told him what to be aware of and what signs to look for in the old man named wisdom. The consequences the brothers suffer in a result of their treatment towards the creatures were death. Gros jean and Mi- jean was eaten by the devil. However, Ti-Jean reaps the benefits by defeating the devil. He was grant riches.
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