Thriller Video Annalyzation

Topics: Michael Jackson, Music video, Beat It Pages: 2 (890 words) Published: December 5, 2012
T.J. Gagliardi
October 8th 2012
WRT – 101 section 13

Rhetorical Analysis : Thriller Edition

Zombies are a big deal in our modern society today, they are sold as toys, put on cereal boxes and even put in music videos. Zombies first began when man started to colonize and live together and when we became civilized enough to bury our dead. Ever since then stories of people rising back up from the dead have been a hot commodity. The type of zombie im going to be talking about in this paper are the zombies from the Michael Jackson video Thriller. Zombies have made a major leap from scary stories to ware they are today. Throughout history zombies have been a thing of nightmares for most people and almost all colonies of people have a type of zombie. There are Tibetan zombies, Jamaican zombies and even Haitian zombies and all of them are different. But as America started to become more enlightened zombies moved away from scary stories and are now starting to be put into the real world. Like thriller for instance, zombies moved from a thing of nightmares to dancing in a music video. The zombies in the music video Thriller look a lot scarier then zombies of the Haitian kind or zombies of Africa. The zombies in thriller look very decrepit and old. You can see a lot of their muscle and tenants and look as if they are falling apart. They also look very bluish as if they are lacking oxygen or not even breathing at all. They have torn clothes and clumps of dirt and soil embedded in there hair. They also have wounds on their face horrible teeth and pus leaking from every hole in their body. I think these zombies look a lot like the zombies in dawn of the dead. In dawn of the dead, zombies from the grave come up to the surface and feast on the living, turning the living into more zombies. In dawn of the dead the zombies looked every similar and had the same characteristics. The zombies from thriller and the zombies from dawn of the dead both looked old, blue,...
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