Three Social Perspective

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Police Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: June 16, 2012
The paper will consist of a television show that displays social deviance. I will explain why I selected this video and I will identify the people who are being label as social deviants and identify those who do the labeling. I will also explain how we can use the three perspectives to get an understanding of social deviance. The show is crime scene investigation Las Vegas and titled “Dune and Gloom”. The show focuses on three veterans with mental problems and passion for the car racing industry. They were manipulated and used to exact revenge on some. When the whole racing and assassination plan did not go accordingly and failed. It was Las Vegas police department investigation team to figure out what exactly happened and solve the case. The team starts their investigation on a burn down race truck in the middle of the dessert. The investigator followed the trail of the suspects to a hotel and from there to a mental institution for veterans. After one of the suspects got caught they used him to gather information and use him to figure out where to find the third accomplice. The third suspect was found dead and the investigators eventually figure out who was actually in charge of the whole operation and apprehended that individual with the help of the other suspect. (Crime Scene Investigation, 2012). I specifically chose this video, because I believe I would be able to relate to the three veterans and understand there point of view. I have a friend who is going through a mental problem and could see how they can become vulnerable. Individuals who are going through this are easily manipulated and persuade. Others can take advantage of this situation and use it for their own benefits. Since the paper talks about social deviance, I believe that choosing a Crime scene investigation show was the best idea. In the show the individuals were labeled as social deviants by the law enforcement. Specifically, by the Las Vegas police department investigation team. There...
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