Three Dimensional Materials, Processes and Tools

Topics: Sculpture, Art, Installation art Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Three-dimensional works of art have a unique characteristic that is different from other art forms. Its tactile quality is its distinct feature that allows viewers to touch the sculptures, crafts, and architectures which are all kinds of three-dimensional art. More so, these types of art pieces are not just painted on a canvass, they are molded, carved and sculpted to create an object with depth, width and height. The interpretations for three-dimensional artworks can vary depending on the viewer's perception and the function of these artworks which can either be functional objects or just merely aesthetic objects.

In the case of Drip, Drop Plop by Fred Wilson (page 346 of “A World of Art” by Sayre), this piece of three-dimensional art is categorized under sculpture wherein the creation process immensely affect the finished product. In the contemporary period, Drip, Drop Plop is considered as an installation art which is also a form of sculpture. This sculpture is made out of glass with measurements of 8x5 feet. Drip, Drop Plop utilized the molding process to shape a glass into sperm-shaped black drops and some were even accented with cartoony human eyes that suggested the influence of Wilson's childhood experiences. Meanwhile, the “glass drip forms suggested 'black tears' and liquid black flesh” while the addition of the eyes emphasized that these were not mere black objects but they serve as “a metaphor for human degradation and stereotype” (Erickson, 2005, “Respeaking Othello in Fred Wilson's speak of me as I am”). Wilson is known for his interest in the “personal and introspective manner of exploration of racial and ethnic marginalization in a more” which dictated the purpose and overall theme of Drip, Drop Plop. He used the “opacity of black glass combined with its fluid sensibility” to show his experiences as well as the history and experiences of the Black community (Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, 2007, “Fred Wilson: Black Like Me”). More so, the...
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