Thousand Cranes

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  • Published : August 25, 2012
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Yasunari Kawabata , through his book thousand cranes' describes the love life of Kikuji , a bachelor in his late twenties. He uses the tea ceremony and the vessels used in the tea ceremony to describe Kikuji's relationships.

Chikako , a mistress of Kikuji's father , invites Kikuji to a tea ceremony .Kikuji was not a student of the tea ceremony , Chikako invited kikuji to introduce him to Yukiko Inamura as a prospective bride.

Mrs Ota , also a mistress of kikuji's father , and her daughter were also present at the tea ceremony. Chikako wants uses the tea ceremony to manipulate kikuji's love life and tries to keep him away from Mrs Ota. Chikako is viewed as a evil minded character by Kikuji mainly due to her birthmark as she covey’s her thoughts to him.

There is a lot of discussion about the utensils used and their history and is used to describe the relationships of Kikuji. The oribe is an impotant artifact in this book . It is passed on from Mr Ota to Mrs Ota , then to Kikuji's father and finally to Chikako. This is used to show the transfer of love towards Mrs Ota and her daughter from Kiuji's father to Kikuji himself. The decoration of the bracken shoots in the oribe also signifies the same fact.

The author uses several figures of speech to help readers visualise the tea ceremony and the tea cottage. "The tea napkin as became a young girl ,was red ,and it impressed one less with its softness than with its freshness, as if the girl's hand were bring a red flower into bloom" , this quote helps us to visualise the beauty of the Inamura girl and also signifies that she is ready to be married.
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