Thought and Obsession

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As described in the dictionary: “ Obsession is domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire etc.,

Personally, I don’t think to have had experienced this feeling or thought yet. I don’t remember being obsessed with anything. I might have persistent thoughts or desires, but they don’t last enough to be called obsessions. I know my limits and never attempted to go further with these thoughts. I tried to follow the flow of the thoughts that led to an idea, but after analyzing the possibilities and the opportunities, either I dropped that idea because there wasn’t much I could do, or it was realizable and didn’t give me much to think of ways I could realize it.

Having an obsession always generated negative thoughts in my mind. On the magazines or newspapers often there are articles about people being obsessed with something or someone. Aspiring models being obsessed with their body, starving themselves to death, feeling sick or going through more serious health conditions such as bulimia or anorexia. People who are obsessed with food on the other hand, by eating everything all the time causing obesity to themselves and suffering from several health conditions.

There are also movies inspired by positive or negative obsessions. I was going through Netflix movie titles last night and my eyes captured “Obsessed” , the latest movie of Beyoncee, ( now, apparently she can act as well) didn’t watch it but I saw the preview. The plot was about a girl being obsessed with a married man, the ways she tried to have this man by attempting to kill his wife first, and when that didn’t work she thought to kill him and herself. The history and literature also has similar dramas “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare or even Hilter’s obsession, which saw the Arian race as dominant, cost many lives.

On the other hand there are stories of positive obsessions as well. Most sport’s icons biographies such as Valentino Rossi’s biography, a...
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