Think Before You Speak

Topics: Thought, Puerto Rico, Human Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: October 14, 2010
The day that for so long I had been waiting for had finally arrived. It was my high school’s talent show. Excitement and nerves overpowered my body; at last I was going to dance in front of all my friends and family. I thought nothing and no one could ruin my day. That was off course until my brother Hector, who is 20 years old but still acts like a 10 year old, had to come and try to ruin it by telling me that I was an awful dancer and that his girlfriend, captain of the dance team and number one in my list of enemies, was going to dance way better than me. I started to get furious and I just couldn’t stay quiet. I was sick of him always trying to make me feel like everyone was better than me. So I started to scream at him without even thinking on what I was saying and the last words that I said to him where: You are the worst brother a person could have! If I just had the chance to replace you I would in an instant! I ran out the door and shut it so hard that I thought it would break. Little did I know that I would later regret those words.

I took a deep breath and waited for my mom in the car. I knew that as soon as she got in the car she would start crying and asking why we couldn’t just get along, and that's exactly what she did the whole ride. But I was to busy trying to relax and forget about what happened to pay any attention to her.
My mother dropped me off at about 9:00 a.m. in the Convention Center of Puerto Rico, where the talent show would take place. When I got out of the car a strange feeling came over me, as if something bad was going to happen, but I ignored it thinking it might just be my nerves. My team’s performance wasn’t until 7:00 p.m. but we had to arrive early so we could rehearse. I met up with the team and about an hour later we started rehearsing. Everything was going great, I had all the steps down, the stage was set, and I wasn't even thinking about the fight I had with my brother.

At about 4:00 p.m. all the...
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