Things Fall Apart Essay

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Physical dependence Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Rebecca Pepka
Mrs. Ward

February 14, 2013
Marijuana Legalization
About 745,180 men and 692,000 women will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States this year alone. Some of these people get prescribed medicinal marijuana to help increase their appetites, curb the dizziness, and ease the side effects that they feel from chemotherapy. These symptoms are present in many people without cancer. People with vertigo and eating disorders may also find that marijuana boosts their hunger and helps them to manage the effects that they feel from vertigo. “Historically, cannabis has been regarded as having medicinal value, and it was used as a folk medicine prior to the 1900s” (Britannica). If cancer patients can get medicinal marijuana through prescription, other people should be able to obtain it when necessary; it should be legalized, properly regulated, and taxed by the US government. As stated above, many people believe that marijuana should be legalized since so many need it. However, many people agree that not everyone should have access to it. What the government does not seem to take into consideration is the fact that, if legalized, marijuana could bring in a large amount of money. Of course, restrictions would have to be placed on marijuana but simply legalizing it would please many members of society. If the government was to tax and restrict marijuana distribution in America, the economy could be boosted and the taxes may also dissuade many people from using the drug. It is also a non-dependence drug, which means that it does not lead to addiction. “Use does not lead to physical dependence, and there are no withdrawal symptoms when the drug is discontinued” (Britannica). Secondly, Marijuana has been proven to reduce pain in many patients. “Marijuana also has been found to reduce the muscle pain associated with multiple sclerosis and to prevent epileptic seizures in some patients” (Britannica). Although, many people see marijuana as an...
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