Thin Station

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Thinstation is opensource thin client operating system that allows you to connect to servers via network with the use use of some programs Thinstation is mainly use for office, company or department use and it is based on Linux.Thinstation also supports a MS Windows-only environment and requires no unix or linux understanding. INSTALLING A THIN STATION

1)First download Thinstation from as shown in Figure 1 2)Unpack Thinstation
3)Copy all file that are found inside the thinstation directory in cd files folder 4)Rebuild ISO
5)Insert a blank CD into CD drive
6)Burn the boot images/iso/thinstation.iso as an image,with a CD burner program 7)Set CD Rom as the boot device and boot from CD
Figure 1

The download section of the thinstation site shown in Figure 2 Figure2

The thinstation was selected and downloaded to be used shown in Figure 3
When booting from from Live CD a black screen appears showing vmlinuz and initrd loading and the cursor blinks in the upper right side and after 3 minutes and it start to boot to windows shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Another screen will appear say press F2 for verbose mode shown in Figure 5.The verbose mode gives a more detailed veiw of what processes are starting up during startup and only use it when you have problem booting, it will show you at what point the boot process has stopped. Figure 5

After the previous load screen,the Thinstation Linux Boot Menu will appear which is the final setup to boot the thinstation v2.2.2g shown in Figure 6 Figure 6

1)The thinstation boot up freeze during the process because of resolution of the monitor being used was not correct. 2)The thinstation donot have a snap shot feature to take pictures of setup of the thinstation for this task

1)The monitor was change to a 16 inch monitor that has the right...
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