Thi Truong Xe 2 Banh O Vn

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  • Published: November 21, 2012
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Hôm kia ông thầy em gửi cho em 1 cái article khá hay về thị trường xe 2B VN khá hay, mời các bác xem. EM xin lỗi vì nó là tiếng Anh nhưng viết cũng khá dễ hiểu . Qua bài báo này em giựt mình khi biết con số bán ra của xe AB hơn 120K , khủng thiệt . Và các bác thử ngẫm Hòn Đá VN đã móc túi bao nhiêu tiền của dân mình [pic] 

Em xin phép 

VietNamNet Bridge – Two years ago the Vietnamese media was driven into a frenzy when Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came to visit Vietnam for the first time. The image of the couple in casual clothes riding a black Yamaha Nouvo scooter in downtown HCMC was widely seen in newspapers and magazines. 

Scooter riders seen in downtown HCMC. Vietnamese consumers have an increasing preference for scooters. 

This actually gave free publicity to Yamaha. Sales of the Yamha Nouvo scooter have rocketed in Vietnam as this scooter has become a fashion for not only women but also men. 

Yamaha's good business has led to other motorcycle makers to enter the market or boost scooter production to capitalize on the growing demand. 

The race starts 

Italy's Piaggio, the world's fourth largest scooter and motorcycle manufacturer, started construction of its first factory in Vietnam. Honda and Yamaha from Japan will open their second Vietnam factories soon. 

Honda Vietnam, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Vietnam, has shifted focus to scooters for men. It started a campaign to enter the market six months after the trip of Vietnam by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It launched the Air Blade scooter designed with a sporty fashion. 

As a favorite motorcycle brand, Honda caused an instant fever on the market after launching this scooter. When placing an order for an Air Blade at a Honda authorized exclusive dealer in HCMC, customers will get a shake of the head. The dealers are flooded with a lot of orders. A Honda dealer on Nguyen Trai Street in District 1 says it still has more than 600 orders to fulfill. 

But those...
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