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Naznin Hasan – ID 072 631 040 Meher Nigar – ID 071 646 040 Supervised by Mirza Mohammad Lutfe Elahi (mle) A Thesis In THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE

Presented in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements For the Degree of Bachelor of Computer Science North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh

January 2012

© Naznin Hasan, Meher Nigar, 2011


North South University
Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


The thesis titled “Traffic Monitoring and Management System” has been submitted by Naznin Hasan (ID# 072 631 040) and Meher Nigar (ID# 071 646 040) of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science of North South University, Bangladesh in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science on January, 2012 and has been accepted as satisfactory.

Mirza Mohammad Lutfe Elahi


Lecturer Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. M. A. Awal


Professor & Chairman Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh



We, hereby, certify that the work presented in this thesis is original, except as acknowledged in the customary manner, and that the material has not been submitted, either in whole or in part, for a degree at this or any other university. To the best of our knowledge and belief, this thesis contains no material previously published or written by another person, except where due reference is made. I have read and understood the University's rules, requirements, procedures and policy relating my thesis. I certify that I have complied with the rules, requirements, procedures and policy of the University.

Naznin Hasan ID : 072 631 040 Meher Nigar ID : 071 646 040




We are deeply grateful to our final year project supervisor, Mirza Mohammad Lutfe Elahi for his guidance, good nature and support throughout this project. It is our immense pleasure to have worked under his supervision and venturing upon a growing concern for all i.e. traffic management. Our sincerest appreciation also goes to our families for their encouragement and financial support. We would also like to commemorate our friends and peers who have been our mental strength and role models. Finally yet importantly, I also greatly appreciate all the help from the Matlab community for their brisk and informative reply on many of our programming issues.


Traffic Monitoring and Management System
Naznin Hasan, Meher Nigar There has been a rising in demand for computer vision solution in the current surveillance application relating to traffic management and analysis worldwide. But in our country, Bangladesh, it is the need of the hour as we suffer from poor traffic management. Traditional method of monitoring and analysis is by manual traffic observation with the help of data collected from electronic sensors located at certain locations. Current feature is limited for route planning, congestion detection and accident alert. With computer vision technology, current surveillance system can be used for traffic enforcement system such as speed measurement and vehicle counting. This project consists of two main parts, which is video processing unit and management interface. Video processing unit focuses on multiple object detection, object tracking, speed measurement and object counting based on video sequences obtained from a video camera feed located at highway. The proposed video processing system comes together with several modules including background modelling and image segmentation. Background modelling and foreground segmentation is based on Optical Flow...
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