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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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This chapter presents the background of the study, problem and objective, its significance, and scope and limitation of the study.

Today, computer has become a part of life. It is evident that most of the country’s institutions still do not use the high technology. Particularly in pharmacies, daily transactions, inventories and record of sales are still done on paper. People know that modern pharmacies are now operating at great pace striving to serve as many customers as possible with the best of their abilities. But as the years goes by, the number of customers has grown and various cases arise that the manual method of managing customers’ transactions, inventories and updating sales, is no longer practical. In this study, researchers hope to develop a system that will minimize all works of manual methods, therefore allowing owners ease in updating inventory - a system that is fully automated, user-friendly, time effective and efficient. Owner knows that number of customers continually increase, managing a pharmacy can also become increasingly difficult, especially if everything is done manually. RAZOMED pharmacy is owned by Dra. Genevieve Razote. The drugstore is now exists for 4 years since April 21, 2007.

The researchers interviewed the owner of RAZOMED pharmacy. According to the owner, it is so hard to manage pharmacy using manual inventory process. The pharmacy uses the first in first out process, and every product is arranged by categories. Owner checks the daily sales. Staffs do inventories weekly and major inventories yearly. By weekly inventory, the staff will check the medicines which are not to sell like expired medicines. The staffs having a hard time in doing such inventories, sometimes it was overlook and miscount. The owner is not sure about the honesty of the staffs - the owner manages the sales but when compare with the sales inventory the stocks are not match. 2.2....
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