Thermal Runaway Reactions Plan Paper

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Thermal Runaway Reactions Plan
In this experiment, my hypothesis is that, the more concentrated acid there is, the bigger the temperature change in the experiment. This is because there are more acid particles to collide & react with each other. Equipment:

* Beaker (100cm3)
* Assorted measuring cylinders
* Stopwatch
* Thermometer
* 0.1g of magnesium powder
* 10cm3 of sulphuric acid
First, I will measure the correct amount of magnesium I need, which is 0.1g. Then I will measure out 10cm3 of the sulphuric acid into the measuring cylinder. Next, before I start the experiment, I will measure the starting temperature of the acid. Then I will place the magnesium and sulphuric acid in a beaker. I will measure the temperature every twenty seconds for three minutes and twenty seconds, and plot my results in a table. I will then re-do the experiment four times with a different concentration every time * 10 cm of acid; 0cm of water

* 10cm of acid; 5cm of water
* 10cm of acid; 10cm of water
* 5cm of acid; 10cm of water
Risk Assessment:
* Acid is irritant to skin, and hydrogen gas (flammable) is produced during the experiment. For my safety in the experiment, I will use the following safety procedures: * Wear safety goggles on at all times – This is to prevent acid going into my eyes. * Do not handle anything with my hands – If I handle acid with my hands, it could react to my skin or my clothes, and could burn my hands or skin. * Stand during the experiment – This is to prevent anything falling onto me and potentially harm me.
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