There Is Not One Caribbean Culture but Many Caribbean Cultures

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Caribbean Studies
Assess the statement “There is not one Caribbean culture but many Caribbean cultures” There is no one distinctive Caribbean culture, but rather, Caribbean cultures. Each island or geo-political territory is characterized by its own unique, cultural practices, institutions and belief systems. One may note that cultural similarities may be influenced by; political history, languages, ethnic groupings and economic features. Caribbean culture is a product of its history and geography. Most of the Caribbean territories were inhabited and developed earlier than European colonies in the Americas, with the results that themes and symbols of pioneers, farmers and traders were important in the development of Caribbean culture. Each ethnic group brought with them their traditional practices to the Caribbean. For example the Indians brought their traditional foods such as curry and other spices, and the Africans brought their religious practices such as voodoo. These practices by the ethnic groups have all been incorporated to create what is known as the "Caribbean Culture". In other words, as a result of cultural diversity, we have developed our own unique identity which is associated only with the Caribbean. Culture is the way of life of a people and includes customs, practices, beliefs, superstitions and food. All this leads people to act, think and behave differently from other people in other cultures. The Jamaican culture is a great example. These customs lead people to act, think and behave differently and make them distinctive. The Jamaicans culture is expressed through local stories, songs, dances, the use herbs and bush medicine, local beliefs, the preparation of indigenous food s and through religious practices. Jamaicans perform folk songs and dance mainly during festivals and independence celebrations. During celebrations it is customary to wear their nation costumes, which is called the Bandana. Trinidad and Tobago culture is known for its...
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