There Are a Lot Ways on How We Learn, Our Parents, Friends, Teachers, Professors, Employers and Co-Workers Are All There to Teach Us. Learning Is Not Only Exclusive Inside

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There are a lot ways on how we learn, our parents, friends, teachers, professors, employers and co-workers are all there to teach us. Learning is not only exclusive inside the classroom or in school. We even learn most in our daily experiences. But is it more effective or best to give focus on the positive actions and ignoring the negative ones? I believe that giving focus or attention to negative ones is as important as giving focus on the positive ones.

As parents we are considered as the first teachers of our children, we teach our children the learning that we have learned while growing up. Our children and so as we as parents are not perfect, as we do good thing we also commit mistakes and so as our children. It is important that we let them know if what they are doing is right or wrong, because as parents we have this responsibility to our children to guide them become a better person. They look up to us as their role model, and most of them want to follow our foot step. If we will only focus on praising their good deeds or actions, how would they know that not doing bad is as important as doing good. For example, if you caught your child stealing money and you ignore this without even letting him/her know that it is wrong to steal he/she will not know it and he will grow up believing and knowing that stealing is okay and right to do but if the time you caught him stealing and you let him know that it is not good or correct to steal, he will grow up knowing that it is not right thing to do, the act of stealing will not be repeated.

This is also the same to educators. As educators we do have a responsibility to our students to let them know the positive and negative actions and the results of each action. We need to teach them and let them feel and realized that positive actions are things to be repeated and negative ones are to be avoided or not repeated. For example, if a student is caught on cheating during exam, the teacher should call the...
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