Therapeutic Communities

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Drugs and Alcohol

Therapeutic Communities
In today’s world, people each and everyday from a wide range of teenagers to adults, abuse substances such as illegal drugs and alcohol. Not all of these people are open to admit that they indeed have a problem, and could really use professional help from others to stop their bad habits before they become a larger issue than it already is. Lucky for the people who are able to accept their problem at hand, places such as therapeutic communities are there for support to help these people overcome their drug or alcohol problem. A therapeutic community is a place where abusers don’t have to feel judged or ashamed by coming in for a radical positive change in his or her life. Depending on certain cases of the patient, and how serious the potential damage from the substance, the program can determine whether the patient has the option to stay for a long period of time that can be anywhere from a couple months to a year, or a shorter session. What is a therapeutic community? In most cases at a therapeutic community you will see that in the residential areas the professional trained staff will be living with the client 24/7 to help monitor and keep everything under control. Therapeutic communities have and gained some reputation for success in rehabilitation and patient satisfaction in Britain and other countries outside the US. In Britain, 'democratic analytic' therapeutic communities most usually specialize in the treatment of moderate to severe personality disorders and complex emotional and interpersonal problems. The evolution of therapeutic communities in the United States has followed a different path with hierarchically arranged communities specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependence.

The way TC’s operate are quite easy to understand, the client lives with a trained employee of the facility in an absolutely substance free environment, and if all goes as planned, the success rate of beating...
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