Theories as Metaphors

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Theories as Metaphors

Root metaphor
According to Stephen Pepper(1942), provides a model for understanding phenomena, and it is often unconscious. He had six world views 1. Animism – characteristics of a human or a spirit
2. Mysticism – knowledge is acquired through revelation of experience 3. Formism – forms exist in nature
4. Mechanism – forces are transmitted to produce effects 5. Organicism – stages of development
6. Contextualism – situations changes as events unfold through episodes that influence other events

* The 1st metaphor
The mechanistic metaphor, states that personality is determined with the same external, in other words it’s a direct force that determine personality and behavior.\ * The 2nd metaphor
The organic metaphor compares personality with the growth of plants and animals, this metaphor inherent in every person, as a part of his or her nature. * The 3rd metaphor
The information processing metaphor, it is a commonly used description of the mental process, comparing the human mind to a computer. It’s as known to be represented in the cognitive theories, which is a learning theory of psychology that explain human behavior by understanding the thought processes

* The 4th metaphor
The narrative metaphor, personality can be thought of as the story of a person’s life. When personality changes, we in effect rewrite our life stories, in other word changing the future or telling the past from a different viewpoint. Narrative have a pot, characters, time progression and important episodes. So does the story of a person’s life * The 5th metaphor

The metaphor of the emergent self, It talks about a person’s free will. It highlights people’s purposeful behavior. It can be considered teleological, which is the direction toward which a person is moving rather than on the past forces that are determining the present * The 6th metaphor

The metaphor of the transcendent self, this metaphor implies that...
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