Topics: Crime, Wealth, Distribution of wealth Pages: 6 (1955 words) Published: February 16, 2013
1. the greed caused by pursuit of money is damaging
2. spiritual damage
3. there are alternatives to money
4. family damage
5. money causes 90% of crime
6. if money was such a good thing then IT would serve the people. Instead people serve IT. 7. money equals a social status
1.Yes, because... The greed caused by pursuit of money is damaging. Yes, because at its most corrupt, the greed for money can motivate to murder. It can make you embezzle, swindle, got to war, and even colonise other countries to control their resources. The need to have the most money and so think the most power is a dark force. Money and wealth have been the most explosive divide in history. Revolutions have generally involved the poor fighting for their rights and a share of the money from the minority rich. The burning desire from corporations and banking institutions to make more money for themselves and shareholders recently brought the world close to the brink of financial collapse. No, because...

This is a very sad image that has been painted of the human race. Not all people are money grabbing bankers. in fact the majority of people are good-hearted, who are prepared to give away increasingly small small amounts of spare cash to help charities. They are willing to help. You can't blame corporations and bankers for doing what they are supposed to - and that is make money and turn a profit. In all exchanges someone is selling a service and someone is buying a service. There is no rule that says you cannot make money from the transaction. What we can do though is to change the environment in which banks operate. For example laws stipulating how much profit can be made, how much of profit needs to go back to society. We can take responibility for our own destinies instead of money leading us by the nose. As we develop technologically, research and development which leads to breakthroughs in all spheres of society cost money. The companies spending that money should surely be entitled to a return on their investment. Without an incentive, there may be fall off in development. 2. Yes, because... spiritual damage

Money is a very base, worldly concern. While it is necessary to think about worldly concerns sometimes, people often think about money in situations where it would be more appropriate to think about purer concerns. For instance, people consider the cost of going to University over the good it will do for their mind. Humanity cannot evolve beyond barbarism if we think of such things constantly. it is not unjust when you are doing a service back in exchange; evolving humanity, providing a good role model for you. and we don't NEED to address any concerns beyond keeping yourself alive, which you do with food, clothes and shelter, not directly with money. i think we are still very barbarous, we murder, rape, steal, do terrible things to each other, often because of worldly concerns. we have advanced a long way but we still have a long way to go, and we need to stop thinking about something more than whether we're getting a decent deal out of some arbitrary rate of exchange. 3. Yes, because...

there are alternatives to money
as we move towards a digital age it seems a small leap to move money into digital keystokes - in this way its easier to organise distribution towards the many not the few...the myth of the few 'great minds' driving capitalism/innotaion/management/integrity, was given a damning conclusion when the bankers brought the world to the brink of financial meltdown - we don't need a few like this wage now... Actually, what derailed the socialist communist former U.S.S.R was their meet with the mujahideen(now taleban) in Afghanistan. They were very innovative and successful, otherwise and thus a huge threat to the U.S.A. Hitler's Nazi Germany also saw an increase in the overall well-being of German society(there was a German cause to the evil 'Hail Hitler'). There were jobs, order, discipline...
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