Themes of Top Girls and the Handmaid's Tale

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Themes In Top Girls and Handmaid’s Tale
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* Top Girls pg 13 Nijo: ‘Over all the women you work with. And the men.’ Act 1: Celebration dinner Nijo talking of Marlene’s new position of managing director. HMT pg 243 ‘I left that old hag Aunt Elizabeth tied up like a Christmas turkey behind the furnace’Moira telling the narrator how she managed to escape the Red Centre. Caryl Churchill and Margaret Atwood use these moments to show how moments of personal success and triumph are possible over those who have previously held a character back, and we are given a sense that moving on to better things is possible.  

* HMT pg 291 ‘And so I step up, into the darkness within, or else the light’ final sentence in the narrator’s voice showing her finally escaping her position serving the Commander  Top Girls pg 85 Marlene ‘America, America you’re jealous. I had to get out,’ Marlene arguing with Joyce about the choices they have made in life and their parents lives. Caryl Churchill and Margaret Atwood both use these moments to show women’s success in managing to escape from what has oppressed them in the past, giving the characters and the audience a sense of hope for the future.  

* Top Girls pg 81 Marlene: ‘I just want…’ Marlene cries’’ Act 3 – Marlene and Joyce are arguing about Marlene’s decision to give up Angie.  HMT pg 285 ‘You could have left me something’ Serena Joy annoyed and upset with Offred when she discovers about her relationship with the Commander. Caryl Churchill and Margaret Atwood use these moments to contrast with the fleeting moments of success shown in the play to show how women’s success is impossible to attain and even the most seemingly high status female characters are miserable.  

* Top Girls pg 54 Angie ‘No there’s just me.’ Angie telling Marlene how she managed to get to London all on her own. HMT pg 49 ‘Still, it was a message, and it...
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