Themes in Julius Caesar

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a play about betrayal, revenge, and love. The characters shape all the concepts of the story. Cassius is a deceptive witty man who is the leader of the conspiracy that killed Caesar. Anthony, Caesar's right hand man, is shrewd and ruthless man, willing to do anything to get revenge for Caesar's death. Titinius, Cassius’ best friend, ends up killing himself out of the death of Cassius. In Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, betrayal can be regarded as the foundation of the whole story and throughout the play between other characters.

Julius Caesar was once the great leader of Rome before he was betrayed and assassinated by some of his closest friends and followers. Cassius and the other conspirators wanted to kill Caesar because they didn’t want him to become dictator for life, they were afraid that he would take away all their power. Cassius says “Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus, and we petty men walk under his huge legs and peep about to find ourselves dishonorable grave.” (I, ii, 135-8). In the modern world Rob Blagojevich betrayed his position as Governor to get money illegally by selling Senate seats. The conspiracy is the foundation of the theme of betrayal in the story, along Caesar numerous other times. In the very beginning of the play Caesar is betrayed when Flavius and Marcellus tell the commoners to stop celebrating Caesar and ripped down the banners celebrating him. Cassius goes to all ends to make Brutus join the conspiracy. Brutus is sent fake letters which praise what a great ruler Brutus would be. Marc Anthony acts as though he is betraying Caesar. He first shakes hands with the conspirators and swears to listen to the reasons why they murdered Caesar, although he later tells Caesar that he was doing it to take his revenge later.

Revenge is a central theme in the play. Anthony seeks to avenge the death of Caesar. Anthony swears to take revenge on...
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