Themes and Narrative Elements in a Short Story

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Theme and Narrative Elements in Short Story
Worchetta Clark
ENG 125: Intro to Literature
Prof. Kayla Ward
March 18, 2013

Theme and Narrative Elements in Short Story

The short story “Country Lover” was about forbidden love between an interracial couple on a South African farm. Black and white kids would play together when they were young but once the white children went off to school they became distant from one another. Schooling rarely came around for black children. The setting was taken place during slavery in which African American families would do work on farm for white families. The theme of this story is about what was back then with two people of different race who fell in love with each other that was forbidden.

The farmer’s son Paulus Eysendyck shared numerous stories about school, and the punishment at school with an African American farm child name Thebedi in which he exaggerated. Paulus would take walks at night and Thebedi would just wander away from the kraal and meet up with him at the dried up river bed. They never arranged any of their meetings it was something they both shared through emotion. Thebedi gave Paulus a feeling inside in which no one else has ever done or could even do, she made him feel good and they both could be themselves around each other. The two of them knew these relations they had were wrong and can cause major controversy and leading to extreme consequences. In this time it was illegal for whites to date black people but Paulus and Thebedi looked beyond this they were in love and was not going to stop seeing each other. Thebedi would enter the home of the Eysendyck’s whenever they were away to spend time with Paulus but would have to be out by dawn before the servants would arrive. It was clear that the two of them had a very intimate relationship in which they both loved.

A few years went by; Thebedi was now 18 and Paulus 19 planning to leave to Vetinary College. Before he left a young man by the name of...
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