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Imagine the most vibrant, colorful scene you can think of, with colors as far as the eye can see. Now imagine the same scene, colorless and dead, which one is better? The colorful one, right? The science fiction novel The Giver by Lois Lowry is about the protagonist, Jonas, who experiences the peaks and valleys life through the memories he receives from the Giver. He finds that even though life has its ups and downs, it is far more interesting than a life of black and white. Through the memories, Jonas come to realize that even though there are good and bad things in life it is preferable to a life where everything is the same. Jonas leans this by experience events such as stirrings, love and loss, and family.

“Stirrings” let you experience some of the perks in life with the only danger being desire (34). Since a community of sameness can’t have different emotions, such as “[the] wanting” that Jonas feels and the feelings he describes as “knowing that she wouldn’t” and thinking “that she shouldn’t” weren’t allowed in this community of where choices weren’t allowed (35). The community is not allowed to feel these deep emotions, preventing any of the community members to know about love. However, in a plain world none of the amazing emotions would be possible. This is just one of the many reasons we need feelings and emotions. Another one of those many reasons for emotions is love and loss. This is a perfect example of the ups and downs in life because with love comes loss. Jonas experiences loss when he “learned what warfare meant” which is where he feels the most pain and loss that he has ever felt (113). When Jonas feels this he considerers preferring sameness to a life of color. Then he learns what the idea of love is. He describes love as “a feeling that was so strong in the room” which means that it was such a deep feeling no one in the plain community can feel (118). Jonas learns that if you love someone or something so much, it is worth...
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