Thematic Apperception Test Notes

Topics: Conflict, Family, Gender role Pages: 3 (473 words) Published: January 3, 2013
What do the stories tell you:
oHow the person views the world
When dealing with kids always look for issues of safe and supportive oHow the person views parental figures
oHow the person sees themselves
oHow the person views relationships
Ease/difficulty with which relationships occur
Superficial? Aggression
oSignificant conflicts and what do their anxieties surround •What conflicts are they exposing in their stories
Are they owning the stressors
oFear of disapproval
oPhysical harm/abuse
oLoss of love
oWork failure
oSexual content
oLoss of status
oSubjects level of insight into understanding their issues
Nonexistent/ minimal
Card#1: Task orientation card
Personal pressure, goals, needs, competence
Bodily integrity i.e. if string is broken
Card #2: Family
Sex roles, ambition,
Card #3bm: depression card
Card #4: Heterosexual peer conflict
Female demands, male wishes
Problems with controlling impulses
Card #6: Father daughter cards “sometimes”
Reaction of woman to more dominant male figure
Sexual interests
Recurring themes of distrust, secrecy and deception
Card #6bm- Mother son card “sometimes”
Feelings toward maternal figures
Loss of father, changing role, individuation
Card #7: mother daughter
Control, dependence, intimacy
Card #7 bm: father son
Intimidation, antisocial trends, cooperation, conscience, justice/fairness Card #8bm: attitudes toward reality orientation
Movie- distancing
Card #13b: underlying loneliness and isolation
Pulls for childhood memories/ financial stability
Where is the family?
Card #14: Suicide card
Thinking about death

Everybody is administered 1, 2, 3bm, 4, 8bm, 13b, 14
Young woman 6gf,...
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