The V Republic

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Customer Relationship Management Helps Chase Card Services Manage Customer Calls

Q1: what function of customer relationship management systems are illustrated in this case?

Ans: The functions of customer relationship management systems that are illustrated are touch point, which is a method of interaction with the customer such as a telephone, email, customer service desk, conventional mail, website, wireless device or retail store. Another CRM system that is used is an Analytical CRM which includes applications that analyze customer data generated by optional CRM applications to provide info for improving business performance.

Q2: why is the call center so important for chase card services? How could chases call centers help it improve relationships with customer?

Ans: The Call center is so important for Chase Card services because it allows customers with inquiries such as reporting a lost card or checking a balance to easily access a chase representative to answer their questions and fix their problems. The Call centers can improve relationships with customers, because there can be a 24/7 automated call center that can assist customers. Customers will feel like they can be helped according to their schedule and not according to regular walk-in banking hours.

Q3: Describe the problem at chase call centers. What management, organization or technology factors contributed to the problems?

Ans: The problem was that the company’s record keeping did not give an accurate account of current rates of first-call resolution. Other factors that contributed to the problem was that chase previously tried tracking first call resolution rates by having agents log the content and results of each call they received. The problem with having agents log the content was the amount of time it took to log each piece of information. There was also no uniform way to log the information, the agents logged whatever information they were able to get out of their...
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