The U.C. Department of Commerce: Using It to Tap Experts’ Know-How Through Knowledge Management

Topics: International trade, Knowledge management, Trade Pages: 2 (255 words) Published: October 3, 2011
1.What are the key business challenges facing companies in supporting their global marketing and expansion efforts? How is the AskMe knowledge management systems helping to meet this challenge? Explain.

Some challenges to be considered could be:
Importing and exporting (customs) regulations
Different tax codes
Legal environment (for instance, privacy laws, advertising, employment, etc.) •Local competition profile
Local business culture
Supra-national regulations (i.e. NAFTA, EU, etc.)

The AskMe knowledge management system allows the access to relevant information in a timely way. By cataloging and indexing existing knowledge companies benefit from prior experiences of other organizations, and allows the DOC to cumulatively expand its database.

2.How can the AskMe system help to identify weaknesses in global business knowledge within the Department of Commerce?

Two alternative ways to do so would be:
By cross-indexing existing knowledge across different categories (country, culture, tax laws, customs regulations, etc.) the DOC can identify gaps in certain areas. •By reporting on popular topics of interest allowing for the allocation of more resources to those areas.

3.What other global trade situations could the AskMe system provide information about? Provide some examples.

Possible examples would be:
Establishment of operating subsidiaries in other countries. Many require a local partner in order to authorize the establishment of foreign corporations. •Exports of certain technologies and/or to certain countries is restricted or outright not allowed. •Many countries impose quotas on certain imports to protect local industry. •Existence of either reciprocal trade agreements or reciprocal trade sanctions that may influence exports.
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