The Zulu Tribe of Africa

Topics: Zulu, South Africa, Shaka Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: April 20, 2011
South Africa used to be a prosperous country, and even when the transatlantic slave trade came and took its toll on the population and spirit, the tribes slowly pulled through to regain control of their land. Before the British came, the Swazi, as well as other tribes, were under submission to the powerful Zulu’s. The Zulu tribe was a large tribe that did not want to be ruled by British colonizers who came for both slaves and land. Though one of the biggest tribes in South Africa, the Zulu has been broken up and pushed around by other groups throughout history.

The British wanted to conquer as much land as they could, and South Africa was one of the places that would end up under their rule. They slowly conquered South Africa, beginning with those provinces and tribes like Natal, who were willing to be under their rule. Once the British conquerers had control of Natal, which was right on the border of Zulu territory, they plotted to conquer the vast and powerful Zulu tribe. Though Natal had accepted British rule, Zulu didn’t accept it like Natal had, and were ready to put up a fight to keep their freedom.

The British, hungry for power and land, tried twice to conquer the Zulu tribe. The first time, they lost. It was the first time the British had been defeated by a native African group, losing over 1000 soldiers in just one day of fighting. They retreated back across the river dividing the two provinces, into Natal to regroup. The British were shocked at their defeat, but that just encouraged them even more to return to the conquest of the Zulu. With the second attempt, the Zulu fell, completely overpowered. The British took the Zulu leader back to their home base, as prisoner. The war was named the Anglo-Zulu war.

Once the British conquered the Zulu, they started to colonize. The British divided the land into thirteen states, or “Kinglets,” together called the Zulu Kingdom, or Zululand. The states fought against each other, each having a different...
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