The Zoo and Its Benefits

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  • Published : April 20, 2005
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The Zoo and Its Benefits

Zoos bring human kind closer to wild life. Though, sometimes that means taking the animal out of its natural habitat. Some animals have lost most of their habitat and are on the verge of extinction. In this way, the zoo helps the animals rather than using them as a form of human entertainment. Zoos also allow humans to study different kinds of animals more closely. Some zoos on the other hand manipulate the animals to acquire as much revenue as possible rather than being concerned with the welfare of each animal. In "The White Heron" the heron was protected from the hunter by a girl. The girl could represent a zoo while the young hunter could represent people who exploit animals for personal reasons, such as money. Zoos promote the awareness of animals that are going extinct. This would allow for people to help fund the repopulation of those animals. If more people are aware of new animals on the endangered species list, there is more of a chance that researchers will get more funds. Zoos also make habitats for animals on the verge of extinction where otherwise there would be none. There is some controversy between zoos and endangered species. Because of the limited gene pool of a species, the variation is limited greatly. This will –as an end result- lead to inbreeding which will create mutations and defects in the offspring.

Having animals available in zoos, researchers have easier access to these animals. The access to more exotic animals is greatly increased. This can give us a better scientific understanding on these animals. They can be observed in social situations and can be understood better than if they were wild. A down side to this is once the animals become adapted to being cared by humans, they are less likely to survive in the wild. In this case, there is no purpose for keeping the species alive.

It also allows people to see rare and exotic animals from around the world. Seeing these animals as a...
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