The Year 2200 Fashion

Topics: Time, Future, Past Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: April 3, 2011
In the year 2200 fashion will be more practical and versatile from today’s because scholars will create surprising inventions. Despite many electric elements on clothing, they will be tasteful and nice. To start with, our clothes won’t destroy because they made of durable unnatural fabric and plastic. We will wear modern clothes with electric gadgets. Children’s dresses will be colorful and will be equipment with small transmitters GPS for security. Everybody will have boots with stretchy springs and jet engines so that we can turn up on the high tower’s top in a short time. Also, people will wear special caps with small solar panels. In this way, energy won’t run out. Women and men will wear black- white ingenious clothes , in the example: socks with shock absorbers, jamper with heating. In the future people will have fantastic electric jackets with mobile phone , radio or camera.

The word “future” covers many mysterious and unknown things for people. The future can be good, bad or successful for us. We have plans for the future, and we dream of what may happen. Probably in the course of nearest years a medicine will be developing considerably. Scientist will discover cures for incurable diseases like cancer or AIDS. They’ll find a means to prevent and fight off hard diseases. People will be ill more seldom and what follows that they’ll be living longer. The food will be healthier too. It won’t contain any chemicals hard on human organism. Probably children won’t be going to school. They will be learning at home. The computer will guide them their lessons for the day. The teacher will be a holographic image who will appear when necessary to help. Maybe it won’t be the best recipe, because children will be spending most part of day in front of the computer and they won’t be meeting each other. Most part of the people in the whole world will be working at homes, so they’ll find more time for themselves and for their children. On the other hand the man can be so...
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