The World in 50 Years

Topics: Future, Real life, Communication Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Alisa Nguyen-Le
Period 4
November 13, 2012
Looking Into the Future
How will the world look in 50 years? That questions is something everyone thinks about every once in a while. However, they may not realize that their stereotypical dream-like fantasy of the future is slowly becoming the present. Because we are already so dependent on technology, all ways of life will improve when technology does. Each day society inches closer towards a generation filled with advanced medicine, transportation, communication, lifestyle, and entertainment. In fifty years, the life we live today will be history.

The way in which we interact with the world has changed drastically since the invention of the internet and cell phones. Cyber talking is a fast, efficient, and easy way to communicate. However, since people are becoming so used to not talking face-to-face, it distances communication in real life. In fifty years, people will not be able to read expression and not feel the emotion that is trying to be expressed. Although technology has a negative effect on communication, it also has a positive side. Without the ability to communicate through computers, it may take days or even weeks to get in touch with somebody.

Another change society may undergo is an advancement in the medical field. For instance, in no more than 50 years, scientists may use advanced technology and computers to find a cure for cancer. Another advancement scientists may accomplish is to make an artificial heart that can give people the opportunity to prolong their life. However, with the possibility to stop death, there may be a possibility of an overpopulation which can cause great harm to society.

Because robots and machines are an efficient way to get a job done, many people rely on them to do simple tasks such as housework and maintaining a home. In 50 years, there will be automatic robots that will clean and cook without any instruction to do so. These machines will make life much...
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