The Women Covered by a Veil

Topics: Hijab, Headgear, Islam Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Kathy Elvidge

Margaret Galvin
English 111-15R
27 Jan 2013
The Women Covered By a Veil
The Islamic veil is a very mysterious piece of garment that has very many questions behind it.What does the veil stand for and why do Muslim women wear them? Why is there so much controversy about this piece of cloth? Most Muslim women wear a veil to show respect for their religion and God"(Murphy15). They feel they are closer to Allah and are doing the right thing. (Murphy15) Wearing the veil for Muslim women is a symbol of their faith and what they stand for and belive in. This is no different than Christians wearing a cross, it’s what they believe in. The controversy over this piece of cloth stems from the greater awareness in this country ever since the 9/11 attacks.

The veil attracts attention especially in the United States. “All this attention on the veil brings immense chagrin to Muslims because their faith means so much more to them than what women wear on their heads” (Murphy 8). Just because a woman wears something on her head or something that covers her body doesn’t mean there is something wrong. Non-Muslims should not assume unless they know the facts behind the veil.

Some Muslim men ask that their wives to wear the veil because they do not like others to them uncovered. This is somewhat like a control thing for men, almost as if they do not trust their wives. “They don’t like other men to see their wives.” Mr. Gebriel, who is managing director of a Riyadh business consultancy, isn’t one of these men. But he says that, like the “vast majority” of Muslim men, he respects women who cover because “we see that as a sign that she appreciates herself, that she has some dignity, that she’s not into that materialistic thing and trying to be a sex symbol” (Murphy 21). There is some, that think if they show themselves they are showing they are a sex symbol and that could create trouble. But it’s the men in my opinion that need to control themselves, and respect...
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