The Wisest Man That I Know

Topics: Positive psychology, Psychology, Person Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Running Head: The wisest man that I know1

The Wisest man that I know
Amanda Andrus
Psy 220
December 23,2012
Instructor: Sara Kassabian

Running Head: The wisest man that I know2


This paper is talking about the characteristics of wisdom which is possessed by the chosen individual that I have picked as my main topic, the attributes that make this individual wise, the attributes that I have developed more than any other, and the attributes that I need to develop fully in the years to come. In order to research this given topic I have chosen to use Chapter 10 as a listed resource along with my personal experience that has given me knowledge in the area of this subject and I shed some light on the subject of the individual other than myself that I have chosen to write about. I have learned some interesting facts about myself and the chosen individual that I knew that he possessed, but writing this paper has brought them to light that shows me and other people what kind of a great man that he is.

The wisest man that I know:3

Being wise is able to show that you have experience, knowledge and good judgment. I am not saying that he is perfect because there is no “perfect” human being but he (my fiancé, Dalton) possess 22 out of the 24 of the characteristics listed in Chapter 10: Creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning, perspective, authenticity, bravery, persistence, zest, kindness, love, social intelligence, fairness, teamwork, forgiveness, modesty, prudence, self regulation, appreciation of beauty and excellence, gratitude, hope, and humor. There are many qualities that make him wise in his own right. He is older in years, he has been “around the block” (he has lived, loved and seen more things than I have)and he has experienced a lot of different things in life. He encompasses the knowledge that he...
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