The Weight of the Nation

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Epidemiology Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The Weight Of The Nation

The first film in "The Weight of the Nation" series is about the obesity epidemic and the serious health consequences of being over weight or obese. The first character in the film is Cindy. She was born and raised in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Cindy was only 99 pounds when she got married, she has struggled with her weight ever since her first pregnancy and it has only gotten harder for her.

Health in the early childhood can have serious consequences later on in life. The Bogalusa Heart Study, in which Cindy participated in, shows that overweight and obese children have risk factors for heart disease even at a young age. Obesity is a problem that has emerged over the last 30 years. it threatens our nation's social, economic and physical health but obesity is often preventable. Although obesity popularity rates appear to be leveling off there are still too many Americans who are overweight or obese and who continue to develop health problems as a result. In order to end the epidemic, everyone must be part of the solution.

In this film they show communities across the country from New York City to Santa Ana, California and they show that we have all been getting heavier but the problem doesn't affect all communities equally. Obesity rates are higher in some ethnic communities and in lower-income states. Obesity among children is also rising, and it's a real threat that may have lasting health consequences. As Anna Busby said based on her observations as the nurse of the Bogalusa Middle School Health Clinic, "overweight and obese children are at risk of being on dialysis in their thirties if we don't do something now." The good thing is that we can make a difference in the children's lives both now and as they get older by helping them adopt healthy eating behaviors and become more active.

There's a big connection between being overweight or obese and having heart disease as an adult. The heart, our hardest working muscle, spends every...
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